The tomorrow that never comes…!


Ever used this phrase? I’m sure you must have, at least once!

“Not today, but will surely do it by tomorrow”

Sometimes this phrase keeps on repeating itself till infinity, and like to & fro momentum of the pendulum, the pending work keeps on swinging from present day to the coming tomorrow.

We all have used this phrase at some point in our life. May it be in any aspect, ranging from professional to personal, sometimes we all tend to push back the action part and throw it on the next day, week, month or even next year.

What is it that we are doing?

“Procrastination” or  “Laziness” are the words. We don’t bother to do somethings at present and keep on extending its execution due to our inactiveness.

The irony is, everybody has their own beautifully tailored reason for the cause of inactiveness which strongly supports their effect of procrastination. Funny isn’t it?

I am sure you all must have had a reason when you opted to procrastinate on one of your tasks.

Well, I am no one to comment on whether the reasoning is right or wrong, but I would want you to analyze it by yourself. Because, you should at least be true to yourself and know that, why is it that you are doing what you are doing.

If Laziness is the effect, then what is the cause?

The existence of a lemon on a lemon tree is possible as a result of the seeds sown in the past. The effect of “growing of lemon” is due to the cause of “seeds sown”. Just like investing money returns into either profit/loss. Every effect comes into existence when something has caused it to be.

Similarly, when we talk about laziness there also must be some cause behind it. Why does laziness arise in somebody’s life? What can be the reasons due to which an individual ends up acting in such a way?

The effect of “Laziness” cannot come into existence without a strong cause behind it. To identify the root cause and eliminate it, is the only way to free yourself from the clutches of inactiveness.

The possible causes for creating the effect of laziness are as follows:-

a) Lack of purpose in life:-

Would you even bother to eat, if there was no feeling called ‘hunger’? If your body could survive just on air and water easily, none of you would want to waste your time eating. True, isn’t it?

Why do we eat then? Because of the purpose to fulfill our hunger. There is a PURPOSE and that is why we ACT and consume food.

Every action needs a purpose for wholehearted execution.

For every action in life, there needs to be a purpose, without purpose either there will be part-action or no-action making the individual a lethargic being.

The ambiguity of the purpose of one’s life is normally the prime reason for inactiveness. Be clear about your purpose and laziness won’t even dare to knock the doors of your life. To know more about how to go about finding your true purpose in life and be your own self, read THE COLOURED LEAVES.

b) Bundle of fears:-

“I don’t think I can do it”

“What will people say, if I fail”

Some people stab the knife in their own back even before beginning to execute a task and end the possibilities of growth. Are you being equally cruel to yourself?

How are you going to know your compatibility with any skill without giving it a shot?

The mind always wants to stay in its comfort zone and thus it will play all kinds of games to keep you from trying on something new which pushes you beyond the limits. Don’t get deceived and drown in the deep sea of procrastination due to the disguised instructions of your mind.

c) Stretching the success:-

Let’s say you cooked yummy Brownie today and had it after your dinner. The remaining brownie was stored in a transparent glass jar by you. The glass jar was emptied after you consumed the leftover next morning.

Now, that day in the evening, you cherished the yummy brownie you made yesterday. You kept on savoring the brownie for a week and stretched it to about a month.

Now if you want to enjoy the deliciousness of that brownie again, you will have to make an effort to gather the ingredients and cook it again, right? You cannot enjoy the brownie once cooked for the rest of your life, you need to work again to cherish its taste.

When we end up cherishing things and sucking the happiness out of past events for a longer time, laziness takes over and hinders our further actions.

Celebrating success is nice, but when you get attached to that winning and stop working further, it creates a problem.

A Few lines on the “Beauty of Laziness”

Laziness, the beautiful enemy,

The beauty of this beast lies in its comfort.

It deceits and cheats,

by its undeniable offers that no one can beat!

Lends you a hand in the present moment,

& stabs you with regret in the next!

It tempts and lures,

making sure you don’t find a cure.

Making you the king of the moment,

& a beggar of the next!

Where does this beautiful beast reside?

Please! Stop that drama of looking besides,

You are smart enough to know where does it rest…!


Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash