Mind loops that need to be smashed right now!


“Mastering others is a strength but mastering yourself is true power”

 Our brain, the most interesting and intriguing system ever encountered plays a very crucial role in the activities we carry out in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes it happens that we are totally unaware of the tricks that our brains play and gets us stuck in chaos or a problem. Today, I will tell you the 4 mind loops that normally people fall in, unconsciously.

1) Shifting – Monkey Game: – Your mind is no less than a monkey jumping from one branch to another. Just like an unstoppable monkey, the mind will jump from one task to another. As the mind jumps, so will your actions. That’s the cruel beauty of it. 🙂  At the end of those countless jumps, it will leave you with numerous undone tasks and create confusion on what you were actually doing.

 So when you pick up a task, make it a rule to stick to it and not get distracted by any other activity. If making a rule doesn’t help, remind your self every now and then that you have to get done with THIS ONLY right now. Instructing your mind is the best thing to do in order to get a control on it. The mind acts like an enemy for those who do not control it.

 2) Blaming-Lamest game: – Remember the last time you got angry and you were not in control of your words? You just spoke out what came to your mind? And at the end of the day, instead of regretting, your mind helped you to reach the conclusion that the other person or some situation was responsible for your anger. Very nicely planned “Blame game”, isn’t it? Don’t worry; it’s not your fault!

 When we are not able to control our behavior and emotions, our mind very cunningly finds out somebody or something to put the blame on and save itself. Keep a watch on this, the next time such situation arises. Blaming somebody is never going to enhance the quality of either person’s life or improve the relationship. Instead, try focusing on where and how can you improve, that next time the situation itself does not arise.

 Your mind is however not interested in any kind of solutions, as it loves chaos, so make sure you rule over it and work on a solution instead of letting it start playing the lame game of BLAMING. Always keep instructing your self “When you blame others you give up your power to grow”.

3) Excuse-Covering up: – Mind is an expert at making excuses for things that we don’t want to do or the things we want to do. It is an instant “Excuse maker”. If it wants to delay working than it is ready with a list of excuse like “Boredom” “Lack of time” “Unwell health” and many more. Behind these excuses hides the actual fear of not doing things.

Mind covers up the original emotions and creates an acceptable layer over it so that nobody questions what’s beneath. Peel off the layers and find the actual reason for those excuses. Challenge your mind’s excuses to go to the depth of your self.

 4) Ignore-Knows it all: – Our mind develops the knows it all attitude when a seed called “EGO” starts to develop. When our ego comes into action the “knows it all factor” gets activated and hinders our growth.

 I experienced it once when my senior in a project was guiding me to do a certain task. In spite of him guiding me for numerous times, I was unable to grasp what he was explaining. Later on, I realized that it was the “Ego” factor that resulted in ‘know it all’ attitude in my mind because I had an experience of 3 years on that same project. My little egoistic mind ignored the feedback from my senior due to the ego, which was formed as I had an experience in that work.

 One should always take care that this mind loop is observed and eliminated, as we all know that “Ego is like dust in the eye, without clearing the dust you can’t see anything clear, so clear the ego and see the world”

 One stop solution for all the 4 loops

 Develop the skill of Self-awareness in your daily life. Self-awareness is nothing more than just being aware of your emotions, beliefs, perspectives, motivations and other sensations that you have within and beyond your physical body.

 How to do it?

1)   Spend 10-15 minutes at the end of each day to check what all emotions you experienced during the day and how you responded. Whether there was a better way to respond to them?

2)   Write a diary and elaborate 2 or 3 important incidents of the day in detail along with the emotions, beliefs, and perceptions that were involved in those issues.

3)   Whenever you get a break of 2-3 minutes throughout the day, close your eyes and focus on your breathing to calm your self down. It does not matter where you are sitting and what time it is, whenever you find free time just sit and calm yourself. Calming yourself is like charging your battery just like you charge your phone. This will enhance your observation and awareness levels.


Photo by Luemen Carlson on Unsplash