University of Wild!!

What is the University of Wild?

Training, workshops, and seminars have been conducted indoors for a long time. But let’s rewind a little bit more and jump to the part when there were ‘Ashrams’ and all the learning happened amidst nature.

Have you ever wondered ‘WHY?’

…because nature does not just preach, it shows us how it’s done.

…because there are tons and tons of research about the miraculous benefits of being outdoors.

Still, we chose to stuff ourselves amidst 4 walls and freeze in front of one damn screen! With the changing lifestyle & quick adaptability to it, we have somewhere lost the connection with nature and in turn, we have drifted away from our own selves. When we are aloof from our selves, how in the world can we know our infinite potential & connect with each other?

There is a dire need to reach a realization that we are all one and we need to connect in order to co-exist peacefully & happily. This is only possible when we come to terms with who we are!

As a part of its solution, we came up with the idea of the University of Wild!

‘University of Wild’ conducts nature workshop in the city of Ahmedabad, being the only one of its kind. The uniqueness is not restricted just to the place in which it is conducted but also extends to the delivery of the concepts. The workshops are conducted outdoors, mostly in parks or any place where NATURE RULES!

This idea of “UNIVERSITY OF WILD” is a result of a strong passion to help enhance the mental, emotional & spiritual growth of humans by keeping nature at the center.

What are the core skills that we can help you master?

Befriending Peace & Presence – because when you are in the present, you can tap into your unlimited potential!

Resilience – because unexpected situations & changes are a part of life if you don’t know how to handle them you don’t know how to live.

Self-Awareness – because a lack of self-knowledge can result in many disasters in your professional & personal life.

Shifting Mindset – because what brought you here cannot always take you ahead!

Harmony – because being in alignment with every being is a skill that needs to be mastered!

Who can avail the benefits of this unique workshop?

Every individual who is interested in growth and wants to become a better version of them along with respecting who they are right now, are the best candidates for these workshops.

Any Corporate, Institutions, Colleges, Schools, Clubs or even a group of friends/family can get in touch to conduct such kind of workshop independently for them.                        

(Minimum strength of the group should be at least 10 members)

….because nature is the best teacher!

What are the nature workshops that we offer?

  • Reinforce the core with Nature ~ (For Corporates & Institutions)
  • In a relationship with a tree ~ (For Schools)
  • Reaching to the roots ~ (For Colleges & Educational Institutes)
Yes, we can create!

Can you craft a course as per our needs?

Yes, we can craft a course as per your needs, based on the type of audience and the age group you have. We are here exclusively for growth! The areas on which our modules are designed have been disclosed, however, if you wish to have something beyond that, we can do that.

That’s a pretty wild idea you got there! 😀

Why is it called, THE UNIVERSITY OF WILD?

Wild is a word that means “something in its original form”. In this world we are constantly being influenced by the outside factors, we have lost connection with our core – originality. The purpose of the university of wild is to bring that wildness/originality back within every individual who connects with it & making people realize their truest potential.

Do participants really enjoy & gain benefits from these workshops?

Let’s hear from one of the participants from Aqseptence Group about their experience here. A few participants shared their joy of being a part of this journey here.

Our January 2020 event ‘In a relationship with a tree’ was covered by City First.

How can we arrange a workshop for our company, college, school or group?

Drop a brief description of your needs, here. You will soon be contacted for further details.

Till then, it would be great if we could stay in touch through,