Wander around to find ‘THE ONE’!


Since the last few months, I have been coming across advertisements of some newly launched apps which people use to connect with other people. Basically, a dating app, to be clear & precise.

This happened numerous times within a span of 15 days and that triggered me to put out a word on the current scenario that is going on amongst the youth of today with respect to relationships & dating.

Let me first tell you about the feeling I had when I saw the advertisement for those apps. 😀

“They made all the efforts to tempt the viewers into signing up by providing various options of finding the ‘PERFECT’ person according to their needs. Also, a subtle message was also transpired to make the viewer feel fully guilty if he/she is still single. The guilt was soothed by showing a solution to immediately join the app in order to find somebody and get into a relationship or connect with somebody (that is what they say) just like everybody else is doing it


We have taken everything online, food, clothing, accessories, groceries and even salon services and furniture. We buy things online and save time.

Now, if you want relationships to happen quickly and easily then what is the meaning of human life? What is there to cherish in it? What are we going to do with all the time that we are saving? We want things to get done quickly just for the sake of achievement? Take time out, meet people around you, connect with them, travel to places & meet new people. I can bet you will find gems around you if you just take the effort to look around and get out of the dumb phone.

Now some of you might say that what’s wrong with the apps, it helps us connect to people who are far away from us.

A connection is based on rawness that two people display and is strengthened by mutual trust.


I don’t even want to get started about the authenticity that people display on their profiles on such apps. 😀 So please don’t talk about connection!

Not saying that each and every person you meet is not authentic, but based on the stories and experiences I have heard, authentic people rarely chose to go to such apps. Their rawness and vulnerability helps them find somebody in the real world :).

The BIGGEST ISSUE with such APPS:-

The emptiness that every individual feels within, finds a resort in such dating apps. Nothing wrong with dating and I am not at all against it. However, online dating provides one a chance to DO & BEHAVE in whatever manner they want. People end up ghosting, cheating, frequently changing partners based on their own needs. Not knowing that they are causing equal harm to themselves and the other person. The emptiness that they feel inside is not going to be filled up by these random hook-ups or chats.

In order to heal, they need to get in touch with their own authentic self which they are constantly trying to run away from. The only way to feel content is to accept oneself fully & being surrounded with people who are nurturing, loving & accepting.

Then, the relationships attracted will be healing, nurturing and full of love. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, if you want to assure whether the relationship you are in is perfect or not then measure it on the basis of its rawness & how much truth it can handle. Pure rawness is when two people can fearlessly put forward their true intentions, thoughts & emotions without the fear of being judged. Nothing makes a relationship more perfect than ‘the acceptance of your naked truth’.

Look for people who are vulnerable, open to healing, easy to love and quick to forgive. Trust me, you won’t find such people on apps. You will have to explore to connect with such gems! But I tell you, the exploration will be worth it, once you connect with such a divine soul!

LOTS OF LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


Photo by Kate Kozyrka on Unsplash