7 Simple Hacks for a Healthy Mind!


I had never found anything more difficult than dealing with my own mind when it runs out of control! 🙂

Our mental health determines how we perform in all the other aspects of our life. If not taken care of, it can lead to disastrous outcomes, not only for the person who suffers but also for the people who surround them.

Today, I will be sharing a few practices which we can put into implementation and be sure that our mental health is taken care of.

So, here it goes…

Stay connected

Staying connected to at least a few individuals on a daily basis is a must in order to satisfy our need to belong. Every human has this need to belong to some individual and if we force ourselves into isolation for extremely longer periods of time, it can be very harmful to our mental health.

Most of the time we either feel as if nobody understands us or it’s just better to be by ourselves. The time when it feels that nobody is good enough to talk to is the time when you actually need to talk to somebody urgently because that’s when the wall starts to build up between you and the external world.

Be in Nature/Outdoors

As simple as it sounds, it is an extremely effective way to get in touch with the peace and calmness within you. Just be outside. The walls that we live in also create the walls in our mind and acts as an obstacle in expansion of our perception. If possible go for a walk, or just a stroll or a ride, maybe hug a tree, get some sunlight, staring at the sky. These things might seem ineffective and stupid, but the impact that they have on you will beyond any medications. The only condition is, you need to be consistently in touch with nature in order to get it’s healing benefits. 🙂

Create something…….what? WHATEVER..! 😀

Creation is what makes a human being alive. When you create, you let the energy within you take a different shape and form. You can create whatever you want, a painting, a story, something out of the waste in your house, maybe create a delicious dish, create a piece of music or a song, or whatever else you can think of. When you create, the resistance breaks and it becomes easy for you to get into a flow state of mind.


I know we all are breathing on a regular basis too, however, that is very shallow and quick. Try breathing deeply for a few minutes every day in order to break the illusions created by our mind. Stress, depression, anxiety, and many other disorders are nothing but the illusions of our mind. If we somehow manage to pierce through the veil with our stability, they won’t be able to survive.

Question your conclusions

When we are mentally clogged up, we reach too many conclusions at once. A few of them sound like this, “My life is ruined” “I am alone” “I am helpless” “I am never going to get out of this” “Nobody loves me” “I will always remain unworthy” and many more. These conclusions are created on a base of false assumptions and negative thoughts, which make no sense. If you are even a little bit stable, you will easily able to unleash the falseness of these conclusions if you dare to question them.

It’s okay to vent out once in a while!

I know being positive is good and all….but hey, you always need to let the volcano burst. If you hold on too long, it will come out in uglier ways. So it is better to find a person who is an empathetic listener and vent in front of them once in a while to let it all go.

If nothing seems to work…..

If you are doing a few things and still feel out of control, it’s time to take the step of consulting a professional who can help you on this path. Your mind is a precious part of yourself, do take care of it as you take care of your body. Do not hesitate to talk to a doctor, coach, or any other health professional who can guide towards the solution. If you don’t speak you will remain weak!

Lots of Love!