The Sadhana of ‘Uprooting the unwanted’!


‘It’s not just about what you are doing; it’s about what is going on inside you when you are doing it that makes the difference’


It was one of those mornings when I didn’t feel like doing anything but just sit and stare at the beautiful flowers in the garden. The romantic relationship with the color and fragrance of those flowers has its own beauty, I tell you. 🙂 The way they express many things without even uttering a word leaves me astonished.

While I was getting intimate with nature through cuddling & caressing the flowers and sensing the earth by walking barefoot, something instantly distracted me. The unwanted plants that grew in the garden at once hindered the flow of all the pleasantness that was arising within. I sat down at that moment and started uprooting those weeds with my hand. Not to mention, they were huge in number. I almost spent an hour removing them.

That day, not only did the garden become free from weeds but I found a ‘Sadhana’ to elevate my consciousness.


Let’s go through the journey!

1)     The weeds of my life: – While I sat there uprooting the small unwanted plants one after the other, I could easily relate them with the unwanted emotions & thoughts that I held in my mind. The unnecessary things that rented so much space within me, unconsciously. With every weed I uprooted, I imagined it to be one of those unwanted emotions, thoughts or belief within me which was being removed. Just by creating such an idea, I started feeling very light with every other plant I pulled out.  

2)     Get to the roots: – While I made an effort to tear up the weeds from the roots, some of them were too rigid to leave the soil. That reminded me of my long-lasting unconscious patterns and way of seeing things which I am too rigid to leave. In such a case, what I did was, I gently revolved those plants in a circular motion and slowly uprooted it by digging in, to remove the soil that strengthened it up and break its foundation. That gave me an idea that to eliminate the unwanted within me that has been staying since so long, I needed to exhibit patience and work on it slowly & consistently. It will take a little bit of time, but will definitely get eliminated if worked on with enough patience.

What I should make sure is that whatever I remove should be uprooted. If the roots are left in the soil, it won’t take much time for them to grow again.

3)     It’s a continuous process:-  After working for an hour that day, when I had a look at the place, there were still some very little unwanted plants left. Thereafter, when I woke up every morning and went to stroll around, one or two unwanted plants had made its way amongst the beautiful flowers. That made me realize that it is very necessary to work daily to keep the place free from unwanted growth.

Similarly, when we are working on ourselves, it requires continuous efforts. It is not a one time job. The cleaning and improvement done today will need to be maintained throughout the lifetime.

4)     They take away the energy: – The unwanted plants took away the water & fertilizer provided for the main plant and that hindered the growth of the plant. When we water the garden, all plants are going to absorb the water from the soil. So, it is our responsibility to check whether the seeds are sown or the plants that are in that area are worthy of the resources they are being provided with. If we do not remove the weeds, they will feed on the resources that are actually meant for the main plants.

That brought my awareness to the energy that we invest in the whole day. Our energy gets invested in many aspects throughout the day. If the seeds that we have sown in our ‘self’ are not navigating us in a direction that elevates us, we are wasting our energy. It is very necessary to get rid of the seeds within us that do not lead us in the direction we wish to go. If not acted upon, these unwanted seeds within us will eat away our energy which will hinder and slow down our process of growth.

This is what I learned just from that 1 hour and made a decision to get into this act of uprooting the unwanted in me through removing the weeds in my garden on every alternate day for about a 25-30 minutes.

You can try it once if you wish or you can add the essence of sadhana in any other action that you might like doing. After all, it’s not just about the action but the intention with which we do it.

“Sadhana” means a disciplined and dedicated daily practice in order to always keep improving ourselves in any aspect.

LOTS OF LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


Photo by Natalya Letunova on Unsplash