Everything is a reflection of who we are!


Ever encountered people from whom you felt the need to run away?

Are there people whom you just can’t tolerate for even a minute?

Why does that happen? What does it indicate?

Does it mean that you need to keep a track of class of people from whom you should keep a distance, or is there a way out?

Just ask yourself one question?

Is it really THEM or is it you?


Let me clear it for you.

Human beings are nothing more than a matter consisting of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. When these energies vibrate they form an energy field around our physical body, which is known as Aura or an auric field. The auric field in all consists of many different layers including the emotional field, mental field, ether field, astral field, celestial field. Going into the depth of each and every field is not necessary for the ideology that I am going to share here. Having an overview of the existence of various energy fields is fine.

Depending upon the energies that an individual carries, he/she attracts similar things, situations, and people. If your energy field is full of positivity and blooming then you are sure to attract the most joyous and wonderful people around you. However, if your energy field is full of negativity and distress you cannot save yourself from the most hopeless and depressed people around.

Now, you have exact knowledge of how you end up in certain situations & certain kind of people. It might be too hard to accept at the beginning that YOU are attracting these things. But, yes you are, unconsciously!

So what can be done about it?

These situations & people can be used as a step towards your evolution if you deal with them smartly & peacefully.

As quoted by Nikola Tesla, an inventor, mechanical-electrical engineer, physicist, and a futurist,

“If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, vibrations, and frequencies”


Here’s the logic. When any person or situation whom you don’t want to encounter shows up in front of you, consider it as a sign of the universe.

Sign for what?

Let me explain it to you with an example.

If I attract somebody with so much anger and frustration and am unable to handle that person, it is a sign from the universe that there is either a presence of anger and frustration somewhere in my energy field or I need to learn patience or acceptance in my life. That NEED to improve has led this person to me, based on the law of energies. So, it is time I work on myself and raise my vibrations to form a higher positive auric field.

As soon as I bring a change in my own perception, that person or situation will stop disturbing me. Mark my words, ‘that will stop disturbing me’, I am not telling that the situation or person will totally go away. It might or might not go away, however, if it stays you won’t be disturbed by its presence.

Once you have realized that it is ‘YOU’ on whom the work needs to be done, the goal is fixed and you won’t roam around blaming people or situations. You will always focus on bettering yourself, growing in life & finding solutions.

How do we bring about an improvement in our lives in a case when we can’t exactly figure out where we need to improve?

Try to enhance positivity in your energy field.

Now, how to do that?

The energy fields are nothing more than a collection of various factors like thoughts, emotions, and actions. If we closely observe, thoughts are at the base of all the three factors. Actions are driven by emotions and emotions are a formation of deep-seated thoughts. So, what one needs to observe and improve is the thought process.

Self-introspection has to be done and by using the skill of self-awareness to get an idea of what is going on inside you. Tie the threads of your thoughts to the kites of positivity, hope, love, and trust and let them fly high in the sky. You can nurture optimism in your energy field by spending time in nature too.

Everything is a reflection of who we are and what we deeply believe in. You have the choice to either face it, accept it & dare to change it or spend the rest of your life blaming others for everything that happens in your life!

Brinda shah


Photo by Riccardo Chiarini on Unsplash