Never let anybody else define these 5 things for you!


In a world where everybody is trying to tell us something, never let anybody else define these 5 things for you. It is very crucial that we figure out on our own what these 5 aspects mean to us. Whenever we pick up the meanings given by others, we fail to live up to our full potential. So, without any delay lets quickly jump to those 5 things.

Never let anybody else, define these aspects of your life!


Our success mostly depends on how much happier the people around us are, doesn’t it? We feel successful only if we get tons of validation from the outside. Irrespective of how shitty we feel from the inside, if everybody outside is happy, we are successful. At least, that’s what I saw growing up around me.

However, lately, I have realized that success is not when everybody else appreciates you. It’s actually when you are able to appreciate yourself, you are able to look up to yourself for what you did, irrespective of what people think. Appreciation does not have to necessarily stem from an awesome job, a new car, a luxurious flat, or a wonderful phone. It’s is up to you what you want your life to revolve around.

If you don’t define what success means to you, you will keep on acting what gets you validation from everyone else. So, never let anybody else tell you whether you are successful or not, decide it yourself.


Happiness, something that we all want in our lives, don’t we?

Does the same thing make everyone equally happy? Nope!

Somebody might find their happiness on a rainy day and somebody on a cool winter morning. Somebody might love to spend a day with their book and coffee while somebody might choose to hang out with a bunch of individuals. It differs from person to person. Just because what makes you happy doesn’t make the other person happy, doesn’t make either of you wrong. It’s a matter of choice.

Instead of questioning what makes them happy and doubting why can’t you be happy with it, just accept the different choices and be happy.


Love is full of sacrifice, compromise, struggle, this and that….! 😀 I don’t know about you, but I have heard all these stuff a lot of times. Now, they might be true based on their ‘experience and perception’. However, when they want you to agree on the same thing, that’s when it gets dangerous.

Before you accept any body’s definition, experience, and ask yourself how it feels? When you go ahead in life, with a preconceived definition, the experience might go in line with that definition. So, don’t create definitions, just be open to the experience and let the universe unfold it for you.


Everybody knows what everybody else should be doing, but nobody knows what they should be doing! 😀

I’m sure you must have heard statements like,

“I think your life should go in this direction, this suits you more”

“Doing this will be good for you, as per your personality”

“I know what you should do to be successful, listen to try this”

It’s great to hear a word or two from your elders and dear ones. However, no one knows what is best for you better than your own self. Take some time, if needed, and connect to yourself deeply. But always let yourself be the one who decided what your life is all about and in which direction should it go.


Nobody knows yourself, better then you do. Never let anybody else tell you what you should be and what not!

Never let anybody else define these 5 things for you. Always chose to explore, experience, and define them by yourselves.