Difficulties we face in creating boundaries!


After having a glance at the types of boundaries and how to create them, today we are on our final phase of the problems we might face. So, here we go.


When you create walls, the trespassers will immediately find reasons to break them down. Making you feel guilty is one of the biggest tricks through which they force you to take down your boundaries. However, always remember one thing.

“You are creating boundaries in order to respect and protect yourself, not to offend somebody”

You may come across various statements like,

  • But, you have been tolerating this till now, suddenly what happened?
  • Okay, so now you have started becoming arrogant!
  • This is how we have been treated till now and you will be given the same treatment.
  • How can you do this to me, I am your brother/sister/mom/dad/best friend/spouse/or any other relationship.

Irrespective of what they say, don’t talk yourself out of it. Be firm and determined about the boundaries you have created.

Extreme boundaries

Evaluation of your boundaries is a necessary follow up action we need to take. There can be two extremes, either they are too low that almost anybody can come and walk over you. Or, you have created so many walls around you that nobody can come and even dare to talk to you.

Either extreme will lead to disaster. Over-indulgence will be the outcome of the first extreme and isolation will be the outcome of the other one. So, once you have created them, observe how your life becomes.

Hoping you would sincerely create the necessary limits in your life in order to protect your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual individuality. Once again, creating borders at certain levels is about your well-being, never ever feel guilty of it. Just because somebody else is tolerating it, does not mean you have to do the same.