The Thought Factor!


I ended my day feeling extremely tired, drained and exhausted. However, when I glanced at the things that I did during the day, they were only a few.

In spite of so less work, why did I feel this way? This was not the first time that it had happened. It is something that kept on happening every now and then. This intrigued me.

I pondered upon it and started observing myself every now and then. The facts that came forth were eye-opening!

The tiredness had nothing to do with the work I did. It had everything to do with the “thoughts” I held within me while I was doing that work.

We normally feel that if we work more we get more tired. However, what I observed was that irrespective of the amount of work we do, it’s the energy with which we do it that matters.

I can work for just one hour a day; remain idle for the rest of the day and still be extremely tired. On the other hand, I can work for 8 hours a day and still be ready to work a little more.

So, which factor is working here?

“The Thought Factor”

The tiredness increases when we have following thoughts …

  • Why do I have to do this?
  • This is not my job.
  • I could be doing something else.
  • This is so hard!
  • Any kind of criticism about somebody
  • Any kind of comparison of yourself with somebody
  • Focusing on the result and not on the process.
  • Whether they will like it or not?
  •  Constant fear of being rejected/failure
  • Self-doubt

The tiredness doesn’t build up when we have following thoughts…

  • Only focusing on the work that you are doing.
  • Accept what you are doing at that moment.

What can be done?

Realize you have the power to chose your thoughts

Thoughts are not an automatic flow of water which cannot be hindered or diverted. The only requirement is the belief within that “I CAN”. Most people do not believe that it is in their control to discard and accept the thoughts that pass through their mind. This feeling of helplessness with respect to thoughts, abstains you from utilizing the power you have.

Reminders are MUST!

Just like we check-in with our body on a daily basis to clean it, we should do the same with our mind. Set reminders in between your day to check on the thoughts that are going on in your mind. When the reminder turns up set aside everything for about 5 minutes. Observe the thoughts that are going on. Don’t try to label or judge them, just be aware about what’s happening on the inside.

As you start observing, you will slowly notice how the most powerful thoughts manifest into reality.

Accept what you feel

It is very important to be honest with your own self while doing this. If you are having thoughts that deal with comparison, jealousy, greed or any kind of doubts, acknowledge it. Covering it up and trying to be positive or look good can be really harmful in the long term. Acknowledging all kind of thoughts and then choosing to focus on the different thought is a proper way. Suppressing the unpleasant and covering it up with the pleasant won’t do the work.

“Once you master the art of selecting your thoughts, you will have abundance of time & energy”