Meaning of Love – do we know it?


Introduction ~ Meaning of Love

There are many questions that comes to our mind when we come to know about love. Like, what is the meaning of love, how is it supposed to be and what are the characteristics of it?

Here’s a story that reminded me of what is the true meaning of love. It gave me a clarity on the meaning of love in relationships of all kind. It’s not just about the romantic meaning of love, but a deep meaning of love that goes beyond romantic relationships. So, here’s the best definition of love as per my realization.

Here’s what happened…

They are regular! No matter what day it is..! Sunday or Monday or any other day, between 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm they are at the gate, waiting for me to come, greet & feed them. I am talking about the street dogs that visit my place daily even in the absence of any leash tied on their neck. There are no visible bonds holding them but still, they chose to come daily. That’s what I call love. On the other hand, I see people walking on the road with a rope in one hand which is tied in the dog’s neck and they are dragging the dog, controlling its moment and making it move according to their wish. That’s what they call love. Now you only tell me, where do you think actual love resides? What kind of love would you prefer?


Exactly the same thing happens in the case of human beings. When we love somebody we want to tie an invisible rope around their neck, hold the end of that rope and wish that they should act, move and think as we draw them. Even their slightest action against our expectation will create an adverse impact on the relationship. It’s the time we understand that love is all about appreciation and not about possession.

When you put any conditions in loving somebody, that very moment love slips away. Loving somebody can never be based on any conditions. Anything with conditions is considered to be a contract. When you love, you just love. There are no *conditions apply to it. However, having no conditions does not mean that you tolerate any intolerable behavior from your loved one. May it be your family member or a near and dear one, make sure that any kind of physical violence, undue influence or any kind of pressure created against your WILL should not be entertained. Distance should be kept from such kind of people.

The Burdens…

Moreover, people burden relationships with words like “sacrifice” & “compromise”. I have been told since childhood that, “You have to sacrifice and compromise in relationships when you are with people, that is how it works”. Well, I don’t agree. Telling people to sacrifice and compromise is like asking them to spend a hundred bucks on the other person and as a result, they feel like they have given something and keep waiting for it to be repaid. It’s like “I sacrificed or compromised for you, now you also have to do it for me, if you don’t, you don’t love me”. If you are doing anything in your relationship based on the emotion of sacrifice and compromise, STOP IT RIGHT NOW.! It is creating a deeply negative impact, you have no idea about. How about I show you a better perspective to deal with it?

A new perspective…

In a relationship, substitute the words “Compromise” and “Sacrifice” with “Acceptance” & “Understanding”.

When you accept the other person and the relationship with them, the way it is, there is no need to compromise or sacrifice on anything. You are accepting their merits and flaws equally; no need to complain about anything. To accept the other person, you need to have an understanding that everybody is “unique” & “different”. They have their own ways of dealing with things, unique perspectives, and belief. If you understand the difference and accept it, the other person will feel get the freedom to express themselves and will show an urge to further improve.

Add the essence of Acceptance and understanding to all your relationships and enjoy this Valentines with your loved one.

The initiation of love for anybody in the whole universe will be followed by FREEDOM, ACCEPTANCE, and UNDERSTANDING, COMPROMISES & SACRIFICES.

….because that’s what love is all about!