Coloured Leaves


When you have the choice to colour yourself, why remain green for the rest of your life?

When somebody is gifting you and the options on table are of Mercedes, Audi, BMW or Nano, would you really settle for a simple Nano? No! Definitely nobody would settle for less, everybody likes to get the best in life, don’t we? Then where does this choice-making skill disappear when it comes to choosing the best version of us. Why do we settle for less in that case? Why do we not try to get the best out of us?

Throughout our life we all are painted by the influence that people and the atmosphere around us leaves on us, which we call the society. (That is the green colour in the picture – the general colour with which all are being coloured). There are some people who are too stubborn to be in that colour and so they strive towards revealing their own shade, whereas most of others decide to go with the flow and remain green for the rest of their lives. Everybody has their own variety, but it takes efforts to identify your own shade when the world is busy painting its own colour on you. So it is you, who will have to understand that it is your responsibility to keep working on it until you fully reveal your own hue.

Now, why does this happen? It is very simple. Because we don’t know what we want in life. It may sound rude. But it’s the truth. We really don’t know what we want, because we have never thought about it. The degree, the job, the house, the car, the jewellery, the property you have and many other things. Are they really what YOU wanted or did your parents wanted them? Or your family wanted that? Or you bought them because somebody else had that? Or you bought them because you wanted to be appreciated by others? Or you bought them because you saw it on TV and you liked it? There are many factors continuously influencing you.

I want you to wait here for a moment, close your eyes and imagine that there is nobody to whom you are responsible, nobody to show yourself to and nobody to compare to. Now what is it that you want? That is actually what you want, because that “want” is not inflicted by any influences around you. That is your actual “COLOUR”.

You might say that the actual “COLOUR” doesn’t seem to be practical, or those things are better said than done.  I know, I understand your situations, but there is always a starting point where you have to struggle.  And let me tell you one thing, if it’s your true colour, there’s no such thing as struggle, you enjoy each and every moment. Start off by taking baby steps and soon you will discover a new you, I promise.

“Don’t settle until you get the best version of yourself”

“Reveal your shade and paint the world with it”