Mom & Dad…after all, they are just human beings!


“Nobody on earth can ever love you more than your parents”

“The greatest happiness is Family happiness”

“The most reassured heirlooms are the sweet memories of the family”

This was something he normally heard from everybody he met.

“The beautiful family stories, sweet memories & the nicest things about being with parents”

But, somehow he could not relate to it a lot.

He always waited for that imagination to get converted into a reality.

Unfortunately, he always kept waiting….!

Every person you meet will tell you how loving a family is, how supportive they are and how awesome it is to have one.

But, is that the only possibility that exists?

What about those kids whose parents had gone through traumas in their own life and passed on the same thing to their kids?

What about those kids whose parents didn’t know how to love their own selves and passed on the self-hatred to their kids?

What about those kids whose parents were themselves emotionally unstable and inherited their kids with nothing but instability?

What about those kids whose majority memory of childhood is made up of disputes, quarrels & violence?

What about those kids, who received the legacy of conditioning, fear & high self-doubt?


Is it the parents’ fault?

NOPE! Not at all!

They passed on the best of what they had!



Forgive them, for whatever has happened. They didn’t know they were burdened with such expectations, while they were trying to figure out and find meaning in their own life.

Free them from the expectations of being the “best” “perfect” & “most understanding”. It’s okay if they can’t, it’s okay if they don’t, and consider them as just another human being striving to achieve a balance in their life. If they can’t always be there when you need them, there is going to be this one person, who will always be there for you! & That is “YOU”! You can always learn to love yourself & be there for yourself when nobody else is.

It’s time we stop putting ‘PARENTS’ on a higher pedestal!

The higher we put them, the higher we expect. The higher we expect the less we can forgive for not fulfilling those expectations!

After all, they too are ‘HUMAN BEINGS’!

The image that has been created in our minds that parents have to be like this & like that, is the only thing that creates the problem. A feeling of aversion is created when the reality deviates from the ‘beautiful image’ that we have in our mind.

Only if we are told from the very beginning that everybody around us is also a HUMAN BEING and every human has their own limitations, we would realize that not everybody can perform at the same level. Being a mother or father does not make them a superhero or a superwoman. The human limitations are going to play their role in each and every circumstance.

It is not necessary to put somebody on a higher pedestal to respect them. They can be respected for being just another human being and also allowed with the space to be themselves.

May it be your mentor, teacher or any other elder you come across, “DO NOT PUT THEM ON A HIGHER PEDESTAL” & snatch away their freedom to express their limitations & flaws.


Photo by Brittany Simuangco on Unsplash