How to let go of things easily?



The biggest struggle we all face at least once in our life time is of, “how to let go of things?” It can be any kind of letting go, how to let someone go emotionally or to let go of someone who hurt you, to let things go in a relationship, or to let go of hurt and betrayal, or to let go of someone who doesn’t want you or to let go of someone you love or to let go of emotions or to let go and move on?

No matter what kind of attachment you are feeling, here’s an understanding that will break you open and give you a clarity on how to let go of things.

Let’s dive in…

“It is due to sheer darkness that you feel something is holding you; it is you holding on to things, people & situations”

Brinda Shah

Ever waited while sitting in a dark room for lights to turn on by themselves? Ever waited for the food to come to you when you were starving? NO, YOU DID NOT! You turned on the lights by yourselves when it was dark and you ran to the kitchen to grab some food if you were hungry, then why not apply the same rule everywhere? Whenever we want something we take it, then what to do when we don’t want something? Go away from it! Quite simple, isn’t it?

Hello friends, today we are going to unleash one of the most important powers that you hold; “the power of letting go”. The above picture perfectly depicts the idea of how unconsciously we are holding on to circumstances and not having the slightest knowledge of it. Be it any kind of failure in career or academics, or a smoking habit, or an exploiting spouse, you do not have to surrender to any of these.

You might wonder that if it is this simple to let go, then why is everybody in some kind of mess in life? It would be really shocking for you to hear, but it is you who do not want to let go off such things, and that is why you are still in the same situation. Now you might wonder why I would want myself to be in a situation which is not good.

Well, why wouldn’t you let go of things?

You won’t let go  because the person, situation or thing to which you are holding  on to has become a habit for your mind and so you have considered it as a part of your life and as a part of yourself too, so you have forgotten to differentiate between yourself and that problem. You have dissolved yourself in the problem unconsciously, just like the character in the picture and lamp post have merged.

Now as long as you don’t consider something different from you, how can you leave it? In order to leave it, you have to first realize and accept the fact that whatever is disturbing you is different from you and can and will be separated from you. This will be the first & the last step to improving your life with respect to developing the power of letting go and not holding on to things. As soon as you realize the difference, you will leave the lamp post and walk away.

We have often heard people saying that “It has now become a part of my life”, while they are addressing some problems. It has not become a part of your life; you have kept it long enough and now have made it the part of your life. So, make sure and be aware, whenever you don’t like something you have the full right and freedom to drift away from it, use that freedom instead of acting like a helpless person.

Drop the illusion and embrace the truth.

YOU” are holding on, THEY ARE NOT

Wake up & leave it!