Workshop in a unique way – University of Wild !


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about workshop?

A presentation, a room, a trainer explaining things….! That’s too boring and old.

What comes to my mind is the word “UNIVERSITY OF WILD!”


We have identified the word wild with crazy and abnormal things, but do you know what wild actually means?

When something is wild “it is in its natural form and not changed by any outer source”. So, wild means keeping something in its original form without any modifications and alterations.

Now, when it comes to us “HUMAN BEINGS”, we have lost our originality, the wildness that we have. When I say wildness, it does not necessarily mean that the human being has to act in aggression and do something abnormal. As I clarified earlier that wild is original and thus when I talk about bringing out the wildness in people, I am talking about the ORIGINALITY. Somebody might find their wildness in expressing through different art forms, some might find it in utter silence, some might find it by working with numbers and some might find it amongst the forest. There are no predetermined criteria of what is it going to be. And that makes this workshop more interesting.

Why do we need this search of our own selves’ a.k.a the originality?

We have lost our originality due to the continuous inputs that are influencing us from the outside. We have been conditioned to act in a certain way and live in a certain way by every source around us. This has kept us aloof from the infinite potential that we hold within & thus the search for our “inner self-the original us” has become a key priority in today’s time. In this era of continuous influence, University of Wild workshop invites you to come & explore your original self and let nature be your guide in this journey.

To eradicate the conditionings and initiate your journey to connect with your inner self by getting in alignment with nature is the purpose of the workshop provided by University of Wild!

Yes, this workshop will make you wild i.e. YOURSELF!

…..& that is why the name is the “University of Wild!”