Carnival of Life!


“Carnival is the perfect prototype of your life, just like you pay to experience the ride, life charges your time for every experience”

After spending the daytime on a hot and sunny not-so-good Sunday sleeping and watching the idiot box, the evening surprised me with a beautiful and colorful collection of rides. YES! A plan to visit the Carnival was brought to the table by my friends and was soon executed without any second thoughts.

I was all excited like a 5-year old kid to enjoy the rides, not even having slightest of the idea that I would end up writing a blog on that experience of mine.

As we parked the vehicle and headed for the tickets, we were greeted by a huge scary Gorilla statue with red raging eyes reflecting baleful sight and mouth wide open giving us a threatening look.

The Gorilla reminded me of all the deep dark fears which we have in our lives that hinders our journey towards the dream life that we all long for. But, the reality of the Gorilla was nothing, it was just a statue.

Similarly, the fears that “we think” exists are mere Gorillas standing there to scare us off from the marvelous view of life. So shoo away that Gorilla and GO AHEAD! 🙂

Then we headed for the rides, the part for which we all waited eagerly. While buying the tickets, it suddenly struck me that, “Hey! Life works like this too!”

In carnival, we pay money to take the experience of the rides whereas in life we spend our time and gain various kinds of experiences. But, there was one very big difference in the perspectives we had while dealing with life and enjoying the rides.

When we take a ticket and sit in a ride, it is definitely not a simple one, right? It goes up and down, left and right and what not happens while you sit in it. Still, we enjoy it, WE EXPERIENCE IT, instead of complaining about it or criticizing it! I stood there observing people who were experiencing the ride, everybody was shouting joyfully and laughing till their stomachs hurt, even when the rides threw them here and there. They were so happy!

We opt to enjoy the ride to the maximum because we have “PAID” for it, isn’t it?

Then what about life? Aren’t you paying your time here and there, sorry, I mean “spending” it! Just to give you a feeling that it is being used, I wrote the word paying in the previous line. Yes, you are paying each and every second somewhere, DO YOU GAIN THE EXPERIENCE OF EACH AND EVERY SECOND YOU SPEND? If yes, that’s great, my friend, you are living your life. If no, then let’s start from right now!

You are investing your time reading this article, start experiencing the effect that each and every sentence of this article leaves on you.

An experience is simply and neutrally an experience, there is no need to identify it with being good or bad. In some rides, you might wish to go and sit again while on some rides you would never go again for the rest of your life. That is perfectly fine, don’t label it, though. You experienced it once, you gained knowledge, now act accordingly. Because the experience that you didn’t like may be adored by somebody else and vice-a-versa.

Labeling an experience as good or bad may urge you to advise somebody else on what is good and bad in life, and that would result in restricting the other person’s scope of experience. So there is nothing good or bad in an experience, it’s simply a perspective of who you are.

Make sure to spend each and every second wisely and gain the necessary experience from it!


Photo by Denisse Leon on Unsplash