Are you living in the present moment?


Very often we talk about how important it is to be in the present moment and talk about the benefits of living in the present moment. However, do we actually know how to stay in the present moment? Are we aware enough to grab that gift of present moment.

Here’s a wonderful realization that I came across in my day to day life which made me realize that present moment awareness techniques need be searched for. Just having an intention to be present will bring up the opportunities for that possibility.


Out in the garden they were, a 2-year-old baby boy Rihan playing with a 10-year-old girl Kashvi, and there I was, sitting in the corner of the garden watching them play. They were having so much fun running here and there and catching each other. The atmosphere could not have been better than what it was. As I was noticing the beauty of nature around, within a few seconds I suddenly heard something like “Dhummm”.

On having a look around I came to know that Rihan and Kashvi fell down while playing. From his mom, I came to know that, Kashvi was trying to carry Rihan and run, but as she could not maintain her balance she tripped, and as a result, both of them fell on the ground and got hurt. No sooner did Rihan started crying, Kashvi was filled with fear and experienced guilt about carrying him and playing. Everyone got panicked, but the level of panic was different for everyone. Rihan started crying very hard as his head was swollen due to the sudden hit.

We all got tensed, but the intensity of Rihan’s mom’s tension was the highest. We took Rihan to my house, cleaned up his head and used some ice to reduce the swelling. The swelling didn’t reduce as the hit was quite sudden. After a rest of a few minutes, all of us went back to the garden. The most surprising thing was that Rihan started playing again; he didn’t even bother about the swollen head, nor did he cry. But there we were (Me, Rihan’s mom and Kashvi) still tensed about the situation. The innocent 2-year-old was so carefree, he didn’t even waste a minute thinking on what happened to him just a few minutes ago. He was back there to enjoy the moment, to enjoy his life.

Then I asked or rather expressed my surprise to his mom that, “See, how he started playing again, as if nothing happened” Then his mom said, “It’s because he doesn’t understand things right now, he is very small.”

After hearing that, a realization struck me instantly. His mom, me and Kashvi were worried about his swollen head, because we “UNDERSTOOD” things. The maximum understanding was with his mom, me and then Kashvi (if we consider based on our ages). What did we gain out of this understanding?  Even after everything was over we were still stuck on that thing and gained nothing from it.

Whereas Rihan, who had no understanding of things, even if hurt, was enjoying a lot.

It made me doubt that are we really benefitted from the understanding we are given, or is it holding us back from flowing with the moment?

We all have sudden hits and falls just like Rihan did. It does not matter much, everybody faces that, but what actually matters is how we deal with it. Focusing on what can be done “NOW” is the ultimate solution to all the problems. That definitely does not mean that you do not plan the future or learn from the past. You surely do all that, but once it is done, return back to the present because “PRESENT” is the place where you can implement the learning of past and take actions to achieve the planned future.

Live the moment, love the moment.

Check it! Change it! Make sure you are here!