A person of SUBSTANCE!


Just like the hospitality determines the status of a restaurant and the returns earned determines the worth of the investment, the attributes possessed defines the character of a human being.

Henry Ward Beecher an American Congregationalist clergyman, social reformer, and well-known speaker perfectly quoted, “He is rich or poor, according to what he is, not for what he has”. Let’s have a look at the 5 most important qualities that a person of substance holds.

  1. Acts with responsibility:- The first and the foremost characteristic that makes an individual strong from the core is ‘acting with the responsibility’. The word acting signifies the importance of being in the moment and taking steps that are required based on the ‘present’ situation. Such an individual is well informed about the need of that moment, without letting the past prejudices or future anxieties creating any hindrances. Not only taking actions but also holding responsibility for the consequences of those actions is vital. A wise person knows inside out that blaming is a useless and time-wasting game. Thus, they take up the responsibility for the consequences that arise due to their actions.
  2. Meaningful Life:- Rick Warren an American evangelical Christian pastor and the author quoted, “Knowing your purpose gives meaning to your life”. Having a purposeful life and a reason to strive for is what makes an individual full of substance. They are aware of the fact that a life without purpose is like a life spent wandering in the maze, wherein you entered but never reached the goal. Moreover, being aware of the purpose is a pre-requisite in order to act with responsibility. If an individual is unaware of what they are supposed to do, acting is always hindered by confusions.
  3.  The Learning Curve:-   Learning, Unlearning & Re-learning is a continuous process through which an individual has to go throughout the lifetime. A person with substance is attentive to the changing world and holds the humility to let go of the knowledge that is unnecessary with changing times. He is a continuous learner and adapts according to the altering environment. They never let ‘ignorance’ play its game in their life. They are conscious of the fact that there is still something out there that they don’t know. The perspective of “I don’t know what I don’t know” is a supreme stimulation for their learning.
  4. Believes in Creation:- The person of substance very well knows that reacting to situations is not going to do any good. Thus, the attribute of ‘creating’ instead of ‘reacting’ is deeply seated in the mind of such an individual. When faced by adversities, they know thoroughly how to accept them and turn into something more creative and productive. Such creation will not only enhance their understanding of life but will also benefit them as well as the people who are with them. They understand that the situations that arise in life are always accompanied by a message, so instead of finding a reason to cover it up, they try to find what they have to learn from it.
  5. The universe is their platform:-  They do not live or work just for themselves or their family or just a few individuals. They always intend to impact a huge number of individuals by their actions. They perform for the best of all and thus the whole universe is a platform for them. They never seem to limit themselves while serving others.

To conclude, a person of substance will never wish for an ‘easy-going’ life but an inspiring one. Such an individual will always want to learn from the loss incurred and mistakes made. Such learnings will enhance the strength and resilience and guide the person to the realization of the actual potential of his/her own life.


Photo by timJ on Unsplash