Align your foe!


A villager named Ram once went to the nearby town with an intent to buy a pair of spectacles. As he reached, he entered the shop and requested the shopkeeper to provide him with the collection of best spectacles available in the store.

One after the another, shopkeeper lined up the costliest and vogue collection available in the shop. The villager tried on the first pair of spectacles and made an effort to read the newspaper kept beside him.

On not being able to read the newspaper, the villager tried on the other pairs of spectacle to see if he could read or not, but he was still unable to read the newspaper in spite of trying on all the different designs available in the shop.

Being frustrated, he blamed the shopkeeper for not having proper spectacles in the shop because he could not read with any of those spectacles. The shopkeeper could not suppress his laughter on being aware of what the actual problem was.

On observing this whole instance the shopkeeper got an insight of the actual problem.


Here’s what the actual case was!

The villager was “ILLITERATE”. He did not know how to read and write. The problem was not with the glasses; it was with the villager’s level of awareness. He often saw people wearing spectacles for reading books or papers. Based on this much observation the villager had “ASSUMED” in his mind that glasses were the tools required to read. He failed to understand that, the problem of reading could be solved by gaining literacy and not merely by buying a pair of spectacles.

Are we really clear against whom are we fighting?

While facing various situations in life, are we really clear about whom are we fighting against? Are we battling against the right enemy or just firing haphazardly for the sake of doing it.

What normally happens in our life?

Just like the villager struggled to read, we all are struggling with something in our lives, aren’t we? What we need to check is that, are we fighting against the enemy in the same manner just like the villager did, or are clear about what needs to be done?

It’s time we align the enemies we are fighting against.

We normally feel that we need to fight against other people or various situations to make our lives better. It is not so. What we really need to fight against is our own unwanted qualities that act as a hindrance in the path of a happy and peaceful life.

Just like the villager had to eliminate illiteracy by getting the knowledge of alphabets and words, we all have certain “illiteracies” that are creating friction in our lifestyle. Gaining necessary knowledge and understanding of that specific aspect can only eliminate this friction.

We waste most of our lifetime focusing on different spectacles that would help us read just like the villager, not bothering to see whether the problem is with spectacles or us.

A quote by Anthony Horowitz, an English novelist, and screenwriter specializing in mystery and suspense “You cannot defeat your enemy until you know who they are” perfectly conveys the message of the story.

Why is it that we tend to focus only on the outside and not on ourselves?

Opting for the cozy-lazy way:

There is one beautiful place in this world where people tend to enjoy a lot and do not want to leave it. It is the most luring destination in the whole universe that keeps a hold of each and every individual making sure they do not leave.

Just for the sake of that place, people chose the path of focusing on the others and not on one’s self. Any idea what that place is?


The urge to stay in this beautiful zone constantly motivates us “NOT TO” focus on the inside, because there is a lot of unwanted things inside us creating an obstacle. To face those things requires a lot of courage because of the ebbs and tides it creates within oneself. Once you even get a glimpse of your inner self, it will surely kick you out of your comfort zone.

Do not choose the easy way of depending on the outside.

“Deep in the sea are riches beyond compare,
But if you seek safety, it is on the shore”

Nobody taught that:

This is the most common reason why a majority of human beings are unaware of the concept of examining and improving oneself.

No doubt we are all taught to develop ourselves with respect to our professional skills so that we can get promotions in our job or develop our business and achieve success. But nobody teaches us how to develop as a human being, how it affects our lives and why is it important?


Ego craves for perfection! But, no human being is perfect, every being strives for evolution and needs it in different proportions.

The smartness is in accepting that, one needs to keep changing and making an effort to improve. That is the best ideology to lead a peaceful and happy life. Holding on to false beliefs like “I am perfect” & “I don’t need any improvement” will not only hinder your growth but also rust the knowledge already gained.

On an unconscious level, ego gives birth to ‘assumptions’, to fill in the gap of the things we don’t know.

Just like in this story the villager assumed that “spectacles are the tools for reading”. This assumption led to the whole chaos. Had he not assumed anything and asked somebody, would the whole story be framed?

Nope, it would not!

We don’t want to be like the villager, what should we do?

Don’t be like the villager; your life is your choice. Act accordingly. 🙂


Photo by Elena Taranenko on Unsplash