Cut those strings off!


Do what I tell you, my word is the final one”

“It’s time you get a job and settle down”

“It has to be done this way, because that is how we have been doing it since years”

“Find yourself someone and get married before its too late”

“How can you make such a decision, what will others think about you?”

We all must have faced or will be facing one or more of these reactions in our lives. On coming across such a situation we always wonder that, are we really free to live our lives or are slaves to someone’s point of view or opinion?

Also, how we envy the freedom of a freely flying bird in the sky when we see them. Ever wondered how vulnerable they are to various kinds of threats from nature? Taking up that challenge is their cost of freedom. Just like everything comes with a cost, so does freedom. You might wonder, what is the cost of freedom? The cost of freedom is taking responsibility.

Freedom and responsibility even though are antonyms; they go hand in hand. Whenever we want the freedom to act in a different way from what others are doing or express a totally different view, we have to take the responsibility to bear the consequences of acting in that way or expressing such view. Confused? Okay, we’ll take an example to help you clear out what exactly I am trying to say.


Now, suppose there is a person named Mr. A who has started his own business and is carrying out his activities in a totally different way then what is normally happening in the industry. The result of the new approach can be favorable or adverse. Now, if it is favorable, it is good. However, if it is adverse then Mr. A has to take responsibility for whatever has happened and handle the situation as he is the one who created it. Now, if he starts off by blaming the new technique or the staff or any other factor, then at that very moment he has lost his freedom to that thing on which he has put the blame of failure. If you hold others responsible for the result, it means you are giving them the right to control you and so you lose your freedom to them. So if you want to enjoy freedom, learn to take the responsibility of each and every situation and you can be as free as you want.

Have a look around; the person whom you consider the freest must be the people who do not blame others and take up the responsibility of his/her own life and the situations in which he/she is.

Make sure you use your freedom wisely. It should not be used to act in any absurd way you want. That is what is mistaken when the word “Freedom” flashes in front of us. Liberty is not to party as hard as you want and waste your life or to speak as rudely as you can and hurt others or to get high as much as you could and destroy yourself on daily basis, that does not take you anywhere. You can kill somebody and go to jail and still say that “Hey, I take responsibility of my life and I am the one responsible for bringing me in jail, I realize that” Such kind of actions takes you nowhere. It should carve out a path to the journey of self-realization. It should be utilized to have an individual perspective towards every area of life, the liberty to accept and reject things in life instead of being forced upon any ideas and the independence to express all those views that you hold. Normally if we dig deep, we all have our unique ideas & individual views about in each and every aspect of life but as soon as they start differing from the crowd, due to fear of being left out we don’t express them and accept whatever everybody else is accepting.

“Be responsible, be free”

“Utilize freedom to make yourself, more of who you are”


Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash