The Mirage of Happiness!


“Oh my god! What a pain it is to clean all those rooms, it’s such a burden” exclaimed my aunt.

Exactly 10 minutes before the above sentence was spoken, I was in front of a lavish bungalow with (I don’t know how many, but a lot of) rooms and a beautiful big garden. Yes, it was my uncle’s new bungalow in front of which I was standing. They had renovated their old house and built a new big bungalow almost 2 years ago. The thing about which she was complaining was the problem of maintaining the cleanliness of rooms and other amenities in the huge bungalow as she was unable to find a maid. Also, later on during that hour, I asked her about how she must be enjoying sitting in the beautiful garden full of colorful flowers. The reply was, “No dear, I don’t get time out of this cleaning and maintaining the whole bungalow, even maintaining the garden is a cumbersome task, I can’t find time to sit at all”.

And the instant thought that came to my mind was, “You ran here and there to make all those money to build up a huge bungalow like this, worked up yourself for the maximum period of your life and now after having all this, you are complaining about this only? What the hell is wrong with you, lady?” But I could not express this emotion there, Thank god I can write it here. 🙂

Then I realized that not only them, but we all are also acting equally stupid. I suddenly remembered one of my friend who was so eager to find a life partner and get married, and as soon as he found somebody from the very next days he started complaining about the whole marriage thing. I also remembered a friend who was so eager to get a job, no sooner did she found a job she started complaining about it not being good. Even I did the same thing in my life, many a time. Many examples popped up, but the question I had was, why do we behave like this? Why at the first place we want one thing and in the second place we start finding flaws in that thing only at later stages or don’t value it afterward?

It all starts with the biggest misunderstanding that all those things, people or situation gives HAPPINESS to us. That’s the only reason we run behind things, don’t we? We feel the job has happiness, the house has the happiness, the food has the happiness, and the company of a specific person has happiness. Well, it is not so. If all those things had happiness, then why would you be behaving in such a way after achieving it? Everything which we deem that gives us happiness gets converted into a source of pain at one point of time or another.

Now, you might think that it at least makes me happy for that moment. That is not happiness at all. Imagine yourself being thirsty and then somebody gives you a glass of water, were you happy? No, the need of your body was fulfilled, you did not get happiness. Now you identify drinking water with happiness and keep on drinking water for the rest of your life, thinking it gives you happiness, what will happen? It will create a problem for you and you will suffer. Then you became hungry, you had an apple. Suppose your hunger was satisfied after 3 apples, now if you identify eating apples with happiness what will happen? The same that happened in the case of water? We keep on behaving in such a pattern throughout our life, shifting from water to apply to the degree to the spouse to bungalows to the car to prosperity to whatsoever things. There is no end to these. Stop identifying those activities with happiness; they are just fulfilling your needs for that moment. When you identify them with happiness, you keep on dragging them with you ahead in life, and eventually, you end up being in pain.

Leaving all these temporary things aside, something permanent has to exist on which we can depend for a source of happiness.

Does it exist? Think about it.

I leave you with a question, inquire and experience within.

Do share it below, if you find out what that is?


Photo by Mathieu Perrier on Unsplash