Qualities of a Good Human Being – II


In our last article we started off on the journey of exploring 10 qualities of a good human being. We had a look at 5 qualities and today we are going to look at the rest of the life.

7) Unbiased Viewer

Third person perspective is their perspective. Normally while stating any thought we have our own flavor to it i.e. “our bias”. These people have the ability to stay free from any bias and state any information totally on factual basis. They don’t have biased views at the time of expressing opinions. They don’t let their emotions and personal biases come in the way of their observation and are equanimous. Amidst adverse situations, they remain stable as well.

8)Fluent Communicator

It is very necessary express your ideas and thoughts to other person. A fluent communicator is the one who knows exactly how to put his thoughts into words. In such a way that the other person understands what exactly emotion, feeling and thought is being communicated. Sometimes, people are unable to express how they feel/think about a specific topic and a big loss is made due to it.

Communicating the right thing is a problem anyway, however not communicating at all is a very bigger issue. People these days don’t communicate things and presume that the other person has understood them, which results into chaos. The skill of being a fluent communicator and a good listener goes hand in hand. Either of them cannot survive independently.


One of the most important qualities of a good human being is, empathy. It is to put yourself in the other persons position and understanding exactly how they feel. Normally we have certain emotions like anger, frustration, hatred and jealousy for people around us due to the judgments we hold. However, when we get an essence of actually how their life is by means of empathy, the emotion reverses. We start understanding the reason for their behavior and instead of negative emotions we develop love, compassion and helping nature towards them. “A person who is normally getting angry is in more trouble at mental level then the person who is being shouted on” is the understanding that empathy gives.

10)Stand for themselves

Imagine you are standing at a place from where you can either go to the side A and side B. When there are 50 people standing with you, telling you to go to the B side of the road but you want to see how it feels like going on the A side because you think it is the best for you. When you chose to go to the A side, in spite of all the chaos, YOU ARE STANDING FOR YOURSELF. The quality of standing for yourself will develop when you learn to take full responsibility for your actions. (For detail explanation on this you can refer the article CUT THOSE STRINGS OFF..! )

The above list of ’10 qualities of a good human being’ is not exhaustive and just inclusive. There are many more characteristics that can be included in the above category. If you have any such characteristic in mind and it has not been mentioned above, FEEL FREE TO SHARE THOSE CHARACTERISTICS BELOW IN THE COMMENTS and enhance the readers knowledge by your sharing.

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