10 Qualities of a Good Human being – I


Wandering around, my mind just had a thought that, just like an ideal dish needs an ideal recipe with the perfect mix of all ingredients, there must definitely be some ideal ingredients that make a good human being. Ongoing back in my memory and remembering the various people I met in my life, I came down to the top 10 qualities of a good human being. Here it goes,

1) Humility

Being humble is the best accessory an individual can put on. This is the most common trait I have observed, that made me like those people even more. Humility! Being humble does not mean showing sympathy to the people because they are below you and you are above them, humility is to treat everybody equally because everybody is equal and they deserve the same respect that you do. It is about giving the other person a space to express and not just keep bragging about yourself. Humility is exactly the opposite of the EGO.

2) Gratitude

The attitude of the gratitude is the best one. Gratitude means being thankful for what is, and what will be. Everybody likes appreciation and so does the universe. Whenever you start showing gratitude towards what you have in life, you will automatically end up having more than what you have. Also when you start to become thankful for what you will have in future, universe considers it as an advance thank you and will make sure that the wish is delivered. The expression of gratitude should be from the bottom of ones heart and not just a formality for its sake. Formality won’t show any effect, EVER!

3) Helping Hand

We live under the rule of inter-dependence, were each and every living thing is dependent on the other. There is no such idea of being dependent or being independent fully. We are all inter-dependent and thus it is always considered a wiser choice to help each other in the times of need. A wise human being knows very well that everybody is equally responsible for every happening around and takes a step to make it good, instead of running away from the situation or ignoring it. They are always ready to help.

4) Active Listener

Being an active listener is a very rare trait, as people are more often in a hurry to answer back and express their own opinion. There is a difference between just hearing and active listening. When you are listening to somebody, your mind at that moment is free from any bias or prejudices and just understanding what the other person is trying to express and communicate. What normally happens is, when somebody is speaking, our mind starts making conclusions, judgments and starts reacting to things even before the whole conversation is over. Having an art of listening to what the other person is exactly trying to tell and responding to them after an evaluation is a quality everybody appreciates.

5) Self-introspective

Constant observation of self and taking steps in improving it, is what we call self-introspection. Majority people end up blaming others for any kind of situation they fall into. Self-introspective people don’t go for such option, they question their choices, decisions and thinking instead of blaming somebody outside. A person with such quality can get over any kind of situation in life, no matter how tough it is.

Hope this adds up value in your life! This was just the half list from 10 qualities of being a good human being. Will share the next 5 traits in my next article. Keep reading! 🙂


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