‘Get Out’ to evolve!


When was the last time you sat under a tree and let yourself transit into the state of ultimate relaxation?

Still can’t remember?

Obviously, you won’t be able to remember because we have limited the influence of nature on us.

We feel that true relaxation can only be found in those 7-8 days of trips we plan to those exotic places surrounded by lush greenery and wonderful mountains. No doubt those are the best days, but those are just a few days of your life.


“What impacts the most in your life is what you do on a daily basis, not just for a few days”

Spending time outdoors is the ultimate key to every problem of your life.

When I say outdoors, I mean being in a place surrounded by trees, plants or maybe around a river or a lake or a small hill in the outskirts of your city. Being around something that is original & not totally man-made is the ultimate key to tap into our own originality.

Allow me to guide you through the magnificent, magical & life-enriching experiences that you can have while you are with nature:-

You will be filled with energy

Remember those tea & coffee cravings that we have every now and then? Those are the sources from which we try to get energy from. Let me tell you a little secret. Instead of depending on that, why don’t you try going for a small walk and connect with a tree or a plant around you and fill yourself with tremendous energy?

Want to know how to connect with a tree in order to feel energetic and grounded?  

Here’s an opportunity to join the workshop ‘In a relationship with a tree’ on 19th January 2019 at Gotilla Garden in Ahmedabad from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Connect to know more about it.

Nature makes you a better creature

We all know the benefits of going for a walk and how it affects our physical health. However, if that walk is in nature rather than on a trade mill it will make you a better creature as well.

When I say better creature, I mean a better human being. When you surround yourself with nature, different parts of our brains activate and we delve into the process of calming down. It has been scientifically proven that nature has the power to heal the mental issues of depression, anxiety & stress in a way that no other healer can. That is why it is said that ‘nature is the best healer’.

Creativity booster

If you want to be creative but don’t know how to let nature be your teacher and guide you. Spending time outdoors is the ultimate solution to any BLOCKS that you are facing at your energy level.

It is possible to be influenced by that single tree in your backyard, or that small plant in your balcony or that garden near the corner of your lane. All you need is a perception to view nature in a way that nourishes and nurtures you, NOTHING ELSE.

Lots of Love!