100 ways to motivate yourself!


About the author:- 

Steve Chandler is a powerful motivational speaker who guides and inspires interested individuals towards the path of life which is free from any kind of barriers. This was the authors first book and it received the 1997 King Features Syndicate AudioBook of the Year Award. 

About the book:-

Everybody has their own ways of motivating themselves when they are down with some unacceptable state of mind. Steve seems to have covered it all in the book. That is what makes this book like the Supercentre WalMart. There are many options to motivate yourself which are filled with real-life stories of author and perfectly relatable examples. Just fumble up a few pages and you are sure to find something that won’t deny your appetite.

The Takeaways from the book:-

  1. Light the lazy dynamite:

Getting things done by breaking them down into small pieces is the best option when you are a slacker. The idea of getting the whole thing done will put the heat on a lazy person and won’t even let him initiate the task. Start slow and you will light your lazy dynamite.

    2. Simplify your life:

Just like the weeds in the garden are eliminated to give space to the newly growing plants, remove the unnecessary things from your life. As Leonardo da Vinci has said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, the author furthers the idea of simplicity by assigning it as the initiator of creativity and catalyst for focus.

   3. Travel Deep Inside:

The constant need to get confirmation from others for the work done by us is the cause of the friction in our lives. Rather, the author suggests that we should focus on our own actions and unleash the true potential within by self-discovery.

   4. Laugh for no reason:

Being a grown up doesn’t mean you have to put your laughter behind the bars. It is perfectly fine to laugh without a reason and act ridiculously. Initially, it may seem a little fake, but within a few minutes, you will embark a journey into genuine and heartily laughter, making it contagious for the people around you.

These were just the four main ways which were close to my heart and to which I could relate to very easily. To discover the rest, I suggest you read the book and find out!