Wisdom from a bird!


One fine afternoon, after having a heavy lunch, I sat down to work on an article. As time passed, a few yawns visited and weighed my eyes with tons of sleep. The warrior in me was up for a fight with that laziness so I did not give up working on that piece. Amidst that war I was fighting, suddenly, I heard some loud and quick chirping from the window. This was something unusual because daily their chirps were slow and with a pause in between. This was something different than what happened daily. I ran outside to have a look at the scenario.

With a beautiful garden and numerous creatures around, something new keeps on happening every now and then in my surrounding. Like the squirrels fighting & playing, the snails walking & eating, dogs running around and cats trying to scare them. Yes, sometimes the cat scares the dogs and it leaves me in awe every time that happens. But, that day I was embraced by an altogether new story.

When I went outside, I spotted numerous sparrows on a lemon tree shouting to the top of their voices that I identified to be an “alarming” tone. I could tell that based on the understanding I had on paralanguage. For a moment, it felt as if the “sparrow band” had started its special performance just to shoo away my sleep. 😀 😉

Then I went a little further and saw a cat. The garden felt like a ramp and the white and brown cat was modeling its way through the bushes and grass towards me. I used the word ‘modeling’ because the way she was walking was no less than a model walks on a ramp. It was really slow, with full attention and concentration and cool attitude. As I got the sight of the cat, I realized that the sparrows were trying to inform all the other birds about the presence of the cat. Normally, the cat eats birds and thus on getting the sight of cat they feel a threat and become alert of its presence. I shooed away the cat as far as possible.

But, you know what was the most interesting part? The sparrows did not stop making those alerting sounds when the cat went away. The sparrows’ flew along with the cat and kept on making the sound. Till I could notice, I saw the cat going in the building right next to my house and into its parking lot. I could hear the sparrows’ performing their duty till the end of that building. I wonder how long did they travel to spread the awareness of the presence of the cat.

This part touched my heart!

The sparrow was a sacred bird to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and symbolized true love and a spiritual connection. At that moment, I felt that the sparrow had proved itself as the symbol of love by not limiting to serve just itself, but spreading the service to other birds also.

And a voice from within exclaimed,

“If birds can do it then I can too!”

It was learning for me. We normally go through lives managing to serve and comfort ourselves. How often have we thought about serving others? It is not necessary that you have to be wealthy to serve others. The biggest misunderstanding we live with is that in order to serve others we need to have everything first and then we can start serving. Serving others does not take away from what you have, but instead, fills you with immense joy and happiness.

Then why don’t we do it so often?


Photo by Will Bolding on Unsplash