What are healthy boundaries in relationships?


I’m sure you must have come across a billboard that goes something as shown below. This picture is the best example to understand the concept of having ‘healthy boundaries in relationships’.

This board outside any property indicates that you shall not pass this limit without their permission, and if you do, action will be taken.

In relationships, we are told about connecting, understanding, and developing that intimacy with each other. However, it is also very important to create healthy boundaries in relationships for both individuals to maintain a healthy relationship. May it be any kind of relationship, either with a spouse or a parent or a sibling or a colleague, boundaries are a must.

This is something NOBODY talks about! WHY????

I have heard a lot of people say when they talk about any kind of relationship that,

“That’s the way they treat me.”

“That’s the way they treat everybody, so it’s fine with me”

“He/She is so close to me, what can I say?”

“It has always been this way, now it’s a habit. Let it be, I am used to it”

“What can I do about such behavior? I am helpless.”

To all such people, YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS! It’s just that you have not created healthy boundaries in your relationships. You have the key to your freedom.

If I had to sum up and present the idea of boundaries in just one line, it would go something like this –

If you let them treat you this way, they will.

How do we define a healthy boundary in a relationship EXACTLY?

Boundaries are rules, limits, or guidelines that an individual creates with respect to their physical, emotional, mental & spiritual aspect. These are created based on individual perspective and keeping in mind THAT PERSON’S safety and comfort. You do not get to decide what and how much should somebody else’s boundary be.

Once they draw a line, you stay out of it and once you draw your line, they stay out of it. Along with creating healthy boundaries in relationships, it is also very important to respect the boundaries made by the other person.


So, in the coming blogs, I am going to focus on the following aspects related to Healthy Boundaries in relationships –

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