Sip some MINDFULNESS & Spit out the FEAR!


“Yes, mummy! 10 more minutes please!” shouted 14-year-old Radhi as she was convincing her mom who was standing in the balcony asking her to come back home.

Radhi was in the neighborhood hanging out with me and my friends, whom she loves to talk to. Being an only child and no friends around, she found a friend in every individual she got to talk with. In spite of being 10 years younger to me, she had this magical way of creating a connection that went beyond the age-gap.

The 10 minutes she was pleading for where to be invested in tasting the delicious snack that was on it’s way to our house. She was super excited to have the snack and then head towards her house for dinner.

“Why don’t you just tell your mom that you will have a snack and come.” I inquired.

“Are you crazy? She won’t allow me to do that.” she panicked and shouted back.

“Why? Are you sick or is something wrong with your health?” I questioned surprisingly.

“No, I am perfectly fit, fine & healthy” she replied cheerfully.

“Then what’s the issue? Do you want me to talk to her and tell her that we are having a little snack over here? I think that will help.” I asked her in a helping tone.

“NO WAY! She won’t let me come here again if you do so. Please let it be. Let’s just hope the delivery guy comes soon.” she sighed

As we were having this conversation, once again a voice shouted out her name from the balcony. She went running in that direction in order to fetch a few more minutes so that she can enjoy the snack that was on it’s way.

I expected her to come back in a few more minutes so that we can continue with our conversation.

Suddenly a loud noise came from the direction in which she ran. It was the sound which we hear when somebody falls on the ground. I hurriedly ran in that direction to find out if everything was fine.

When I reached, I saw her laying on the ground just beside an iron instrument. I quickly picked her up and assisted her to head in the direction where we could find some light. As soon as we reached the light, to my surprise her leg had swollen into a size of a lemon. The upper part of her leg was wounded very badly.

The sharp edge of the iron instrument had penetrated her skin and that is why the swelling happened instantly. Her hurried movement in that area was the reason she bumped into that edge.

She was immediately taken to the hospital and was treated properly.



  • Was the child mischievous?
  • Was the iron instrument in the wrong place?
  • Was it wrong of her to stay back a little bit more?
  • Was it the fault of darkness that she got hurt?

It was ‘FEAR’!

The fear of ‘what will happen if mom comes to know about it’ is the reason behind this event.

The fear and anxiety within her gave rise to hurried movements, which in turn got converted into a disaster. Things got sorted out afterward, however she had to go through the pain.

Not focusing on the part where how such emotions originated in the child. It is a totally different aspect falling under the parenting topic. However, the point I am trying to convey is that the impact an emotion can have on you is IMMENSE!

When you are operating from fear, you are more anxious, hurried and less mindful. Whereas when you are operating from a place of love or peace, your actions are more appropriate, observed and mindful.

The situation of Coronavirus that we are facing right now requires a response that comes from peace, love & compassion, not a reaction from fear.

Take precautions, don’t panic!


The same situation can have two different outcomes based on how you choose to respond!

What will you choose?



Photo by Captionery on Unsplash