Digesting the differences!


The people with whom you connect the best with are the ones who have almost similar beliefs as you do. Isn’t it? You tend to connect with many people but end up spending most of your time with people who are almost similar to you with respect to certain perceptions and beliefs. However, we do not always meet such people on every path of our life. There comes a situation when you are challenged with people who are totally different then what you perceive a normal human to be. Also sometimes, those might be the people who accompany you for a larger period of life.

It is a test then, how you deal with those differences?

What we mostly do?

No sooner did that person disagree with what you believe in, an invisible wall is created suddenly which blocks the love & joy flowing between those two people. The equation that ‘disagreement = hatred’ has been carved on the walls of our mind and works on automatic mode. Sadly, we are not even aware of the negativity that arises within us, because it seems so obvious to act out of hatred if somebody does not agree with us. This brings a change in the behavior we display towards them and is full of bias.

Why are people intolerant to differences?

The main reason why we are so much intolerance towards the difference of opinions is due to the “fear of leaving our comfort zone”


We are so used to our own beliefs and way of living that if any foreign idea of belief comes across, the emotion of fear instantly arises and takes control. The reason being, if new ideas and information come in you might have to change or re-establish things all over again. This breaking of old things and building new ideas is the scariest thing to do for a human being. That is why the best option available is to totally discard & reject the new information and stay comfortable with the current position.

This fear of stepping out of one’s comfort zone forces an individual to end up creating distance from that person by emitting the energy of hatred.  

Always remember,

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

What can be done about it?

  • Take up an attitude of ADVENTURE on meeting every individual, not only guarantees that you will get along in the best way but also help you in growing. When we mingle with people who are different, who tend to break our beliefs or who take us into a zone which we never thought about we get in touch with certain unexplored terrains of us.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

  •  Do not try to connect with people on the basis of beliefs, habits or characteristics. Connect with people from an understanding that stems from the root of oneness. Experience the core that is within you and see the same core in other, it is the same in everybody. That energy in the core which connects us all will never make you feel unconnected from any being. (including plants & animals)

The waves of hatred-night can be can easily be dissolved in the sea of oneness love.

Sri Chinmoy

Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash