Beware of what you ask for!


“You always keep on saying, ask to the universe and it will be given, don’t you?” inquired one of my participants.

“Well, yes obviously I say. I strongly believe in it”, I assured.

“I have been asking the universe to make me strong for a few days and you know what? Since that day I have started facing so many problems. Every situation goes in an unexpected way, making me doubt my strength. Either there is something wrong with the way I asked or with the Universe?”, he complained.

I smiled for at least 15-20 seconds! 🙂

“Wow! The signs are perfectly right. You have asked in a proper way and the universe is delivering to it.” I said in a supportive tone.

“Okay, so what did you ask for?” I asked in order to bring his awareness back to the quality.

“STRENGTH!” he said.

“Perfect. Now in order to make you strong, don’t you think you need to face some tough situations? Or else, where will your strength find its way out?” I questioned him.

I further added, “If everything went the way you want it to, how will you discover the strength within you? The universe needs to be sure whether you are a deserving candidate for ‘strength’ before it unleashes that power for you! This is the test which, if you pass will give you the expected results and if not, you will have to appear again,”

Ever experienced the process of sharpening the knife?

How we all love its sharpness when it slices the fruits and vegetables in perfect shape.

We all know that sharpened knife works well, however, it needs to be ‘sharpened’ first.

The process of sharpening is not an easy one. It must have gone through many rough rubs to unleash the sharpness that it is carrying with it. In order to experience that final outcome, it is very necessary we go through the journey.

Rumi explained this very well through the following quote,

“If you get irritated by every rub, how will you shine?”


We ask for virtues like patience, kindness, humility, empathy, strength and many other things.

Are we ready to go through the process that will take us there?

The moment you ask for patience, everything around you will start testing your patience.

The moment you ask for strength, everything around you will start breaking you down.

The moment you ask for kindness, the meanest people might show up.

The moment you ask for empathy, you will encounter the most weirdest people.

Not trying to scare you here 🙂

Just a little disclaimer that, if you asking for something, be prepared to go through the journey. In this way, universe simply helps us in realizing that the potential was within us all along, we only needed the situations that can help us realize it’s presence.

Bunch of wisdom to carry along from the blog!

Pain is an opportunity to grow & evolve.


Journey is going to take you to the destination, nothing else. So, value it & cherish it.



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