Mirroring effect in child’s growth!


The initial five years are considered to be very crucial for the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of a child. The mind of an infant in these years is nothing but fertile land in which any kind of seeds can be sown. The qualities of the seeds you sow are sure to get converted into a huge, strong, and a firm tree after a few years. It is thus, very necessary to be cautious of what seeds are sown in a child’s mind in these initial years.

A child whose mind is sown with positive seeds will grow into a tree bearing fruits of hope, care, joy, love, trust, peace, and strength. Whereas, a child whose mind is sown with negative seeds will develop into a tree bearing fruits of distrust, fear, anger, hatred, and jealousy.

Mirroring effect is the tendency of an individual to subconsciously imitate the gesture, speech pattern, attitude and belief of another individual. Kids are the best observers. Not a single act can be oblivious to them when it is executed in their presence. They are considered pro at implementing the mirroring effect. The kid, irrespective of being instructed, copies every act of the parent. This copying of actions as a result of mirroring affect results in the development of perceptions in every aspect of life (physical, intellectual, social, emotional) in the child’s mind.

Normally, kids tend to spend the maximum amount of their early childhood with their parents, and thus the behavior of parents leaves a larger impact on kids growth compared to any other factor. Thus, making it very crucial for parents to watch out their own behavior rather than instructing or ordering the kid on what to do and what not to do.

We have normally seen parents who complain that their kids won’t show dedication or they are not courageous or creative enough. A very simple question to those parents, “Did you illustrate those qualities by your actions at any point of time during their childhood, or are you doing it now?” The answer would definitely be a big “NO”, because if you were doing it, then the mirroring effect would definitely result in your kids imitating them.

When a couple is about to have a kid or already has an infant in their house, an important activity can be done to make sure the mirroring effect benefits in the growth of your child. Make a list of characteristics or qualities that you would want to see in your child. Now analyze whether you depict these qualities by your actions or are you following those qualities in your daily life. If not, please develop yourself and your child will automatically grasp it. I am talking about qualities here and not any kind of activities.

This needs to be made very clear that what you can inculcate in your child is moral values and qualities, not some activities that you are fond of. For example, if you are an expert chess player and want your child to be an expert chess player too, that would be restricting his/her freedom of choice. So make sure that what you expect is certain qualities and not certain actions. Adaption of qualities will anyway result in fruitful actions, but with an added flavor of your child’s thinking and choice.

Next time you find yourself complaining about your child for his/her actions, please question yourself instead of criticizing. You will find a better and effective solution.

Make sure to watch out your actions and words to improve your kid’s future. This is a double added advantage in an individual’s life. Self-improvement for parents and the development of the child both take place at the same.


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