7 Habits to avoid for a healthy lifestyle!


No human being is defective at their core, it’s just when the dust gathers around their effectiveness, they are covered by various layers which need to be removed. Today, I am going to throw some light on those layers which keep us away from becoming effective and elegant in our lives.

  • Disorganized – Nothing kills effectiveness more than the act of being unorganized in your life. When this ‘D’ is added in one’s life, it results in a tremendous amount of time-waste. Disorganization is not just about being ambiguous about the things on the outside, but also about the things that are going on the inside. If the priorities, goals, and thoughts in one’s mind are not organized properly, it is very obvious that the outer world will be a mess. So, in order to remove this “D”, ORGANIZE your inner world and that will reflect on the outside.
  • Dishonest – The second habit is of being inauthentic, being dishonest with oneself. The day an individual learns authenticity, is the day he stops the war that is going on within.
  • Denying – You might have seen those people who are always denying any new idea that you put in front of them, just because they have become comfortable with the current surroundings. The idea of moving out of their comfort zone scares the hell out of them and that is why they end up denying everything. The denials close many doors and block an individual. Not telling you to be a YES person to everything that comes, but also, don’t be a person who always says NO to things.
  • Dominant – Feeling dominant is all about the superiority that we have in our minds over anybody on this planet. No matter the authority you hold, the act of considering the other a unique individual is much better than considering ourselves superior to them. When the feeling of superiority enters and we start dominating people, harmony is buried somewhere under ego. Loss of harmony means loss of understanding and thus gives a place for conflict, which in turn kills effectiveness. Smartness lies in understanding that every being is unique.
  • Distracted – Effectiveness stems from being clear about what is important for ‘US’ in our lives. The ambiguity in setting priorities is the biggest reason why we end up wasting a lot of time. An individual who does not make an effort to hunt for such clarity is always distracted by the things around them. May it be the social media, the political affair, or the sound next door. Anything will create a distraction within you because you are distracted from your own priorities and goals.
  • Damaging – The decisions or the outcomes the focus on are always damaging ‘as a whole’. The habit of making decisions that satisfy one’s ego and do not look at the higher good are the damaging ones. These kinds of damaging actions are a continuous chain for defective people because they keep on repeating this unconsciously. Before creating any damage to others, the biggest damage they cause is to their own soul by letting the ego take over and also further results in feelings of shame & guilt.
  • Dissatisfied – The people who lack the attitude of gratitude fall in this category of being dissatisfied. No matter what and how much they have, they always find something that is not proper and destroys the happiness they have in their lives. Having satisfaction and contentment does not mean you don’t strive for more, it’s just about starting with a happy place inside yourself so that the actions that stem from you are not from a place of ‘scarcity’ but from ‘abundance’.

Once an individual understands and works on these 7 “D”s to eradicate them, they finally reach a place where they become a highly effective individual instead of a defective individual.