Which self should I love?


“After a long and hectic week, I finally got some time off on the weekend. So I used that time to love myself”, my friend mentioned.

“That’s Awesome! What did you do?”, I inquired with curiosity.

“I woke up @ around 12:00 in the afternoon ordered a large-sized pizza and went to the spa that evening. Thereafter, I went for a movie with my friends & had an awesome dinner outside. Had so much fun.”, she narrated with full excitement.

“Well, sounds great! But, what about that confusion you mentioned about 2 weeks ago, that you had in pursuing your dreams? Did you think anything about it?”, I questioned firmly.

“Nope, I didn’t. In fact, I just forgot about all the confusion as I showered myself with so much of love. That’s even better.” She exclaimed.

“But, you did the same thing last weekend and forgot about it. Are you even planning to work on it ever?”, I asked in a concerned tone.

Self-love is not about giving-in to your compulsions and avoiding the crucial aspects of your life. It’s about facing who you are right now, acknowledging it & accepting it consciously.

Brinda shah

One of the most talked about concepts these days is, “SELF-LOVE”. People everywhere are telling you to love your self. But, what do they exactly mean by “SELF”?

Most of the people, not being sure about which self to love, end up catering to their ego’s and insecurities and label it as ‘self-love’.

SELF-LOVE is NOT when you,

  • Make all the efforts to look your best on the outside, but never even peep in at what’s on the inside.
  • Put your alarm to snooze on a daily basis when you know on the inside what actually needs to be done. 🙂
  • Know your food habits are adversely affecting, you still continue with it.
  • Know that the patterns created by your continuous thinking are not taking you anywhere ahead, but you still chose to be in your comfort zone.

Instead, SELF-LOVE is when you,

  • Nurture your appearance and are also aware of the fears, insecurities & problems that you are facing within.
  • Tell yourself every morning that, “If I love myself, I will have to wake up”
  • Keep discipline in your eating habits because you love the body that you carry with you.
  • Show the guts to take 100% responsibility of your life and have a look at the patterns in which you are affixed so that you can jump out of it and change the way you live.

When any action is carried out to express LOVE towards your self, it will make you feel uplifted in the long term, not temporarily. Whereas, all the other actions labeled as ‘SELF-LOVE’ which give you instant upliftment will be just a way to satisfy the ego & cover up the insecurities or fear. Make sure you are on the right path when it comes to loving yourself.