The food that choked my emotions!


You sat there angry because as a 5-year-old kid you did not know how to deal with that kind of situation.

Maybe you fought with someone, were upset about something, didn’t get what you wanted and suddenly a gush of emotions ran through your body which was totally new. You sat there confused and irritated by the energy that was running in your body.

And suddenly,

Your mom, dad, or some elder from your family came and tried to convince you. Told you to be good, to be nice, to smile, to forget what happened. But, somehow you still could not feel comfortable, in spite of everybody telling you that it was okay.

Sitting there you thought, “If I am not okay with it why am I forced to feel good? Isn’t there a way to get through this without forcing myself to feel good.”

Then came the ultimate solution when you were offered with either your favorite dish or your favorite chocolate in order to make you feel better. As a child, you always loved those and never denied them.

Now, every time you got angry or upset about something you were offered a delicious dish by your mom or wonderful chocolate from your dad or uncle. This brought you to a realization that “Okay, whenever I feel uncomfortable inside, all I need to do is eat something good and it will be fine”


You grew up and became an adult.

Even now, when you are upset with any situation or relation, what do you do?

You eat it up. You cover it up with the most delicious and tasty food around you.

You have forgotten the difference between being hungry and upset. It all seems the same.

This is what we call “Emotional eating”

This kind of eating results in suppression of our emotions and deterioration of our body! In the next article, I will be sharing a few methods which I used to overcome my habit of emotional eating and learned to deal with my difficult emotions.

See you then! 🙂

Do observe your eating pattern from now onwards and it will reveal a lot about yourself!