Body-mind balancing


About the author:

Rajneesh Osho was an Indian mystic leader who was viewed as a controversial leader who embarked the Rajneesh Movement. He believed in the philosophy of ultimate freedom in life. In this book, he challenges the readers to examine and break free the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to enjoy life in all its richness.

About the book:

This is a marvelous work by Osho mentioning the importance of Mind-body alignment for overall wellbeing. The book would be a rough ride for people with deep belief in religion as high criticism has been allocated to that section of society. Although the criticisms have been backed by logical reasoning, it might result in a painful reading for the ones highly adherent to specific religions.

A feeling of aversion develops towards our own bodies due to the philosophy of ‘disidentification from the body’ preached in various religion. This aversion disconnects us from our own body and we create a distance. In this book, Osho perfectly blends the idea of “dis-identification of self from the body” along with the thought of “loving our body” which aids us in maintaining the connection with our body and also guides us towards the path of self-realization or enlightenment i.e. ‘who we are’.

The takeaways from the book:-


Life can be experienced to it’s best when you are being true to yourself and living it. Now, what exactly does it mean to ‘be true to yourself’? It has been properly separated into three parts by the author.

(a) Listen to your inner voice. Don’t be misguided and dragged by what others think or say about you. Be firm and connected with your inner voice.

(b) Never wear a mask. Do not ever suppress your feelings. Express what you feel. No matter whatever feeling arises, it needs to be expressed. Suppressing it will result in long-term harm to your mind and body. So avoid controlling it.

(c) Authenticity is a must. Be true to the present moment. The past and the future keeps on luring & distracting you with its pain and pleasures, but being authentic means being genuinely present in the moment.


You might be reading this article here, but your brain might go somewhere else for even a microsecond, doesn’t it? This is called dis-integration between mind and body, which creates friction in life. In order to live a blissful life, one needs to have integration between mind-body and the soul. When all this three will walk in a single line, life will be blissful.


Since childhood, we have not been given much attention until we got angry or started crying or messing things up. Whenever we were happy or playing around nobody even bothered to look at us. This created an impression in our minds that in order to get attention and sympathy from people we need to put up some drama. If we are happy, joyful and full of bliss no one would come and pay attention to us. Thus on an unconscious level, we chose to be sad and gloomy as we always crave for attention and sympathy from others.

These were some of the points which I found special, however, the whole book is a treasure to unlock your mind-body issues. So if you find the time, and feel like working in the spiritual sphere of your life, do not miss out on reading this book.