Are you surrounded by the right things?


I want you to recall the last time you visited a library, what were the thoughts you had and how did you feel at that point of time?

Now, I want you to recall the last time you attended a wedding, how did you feel and what were the thought you had at that point of time?

Now, I want you to jump to the memory when you went to a temple, church or a mosque or any other religious place that you believe in. What were the thoughts & how did you feel at that point of time?

Now a question!

In these 3 different situations, did you feel and think in a same way or a different way?

I’m sure the answer is different, because you cannot be the same when you are at church, temple or a mosque & a library & a wedding. All those situations create a different you and the environment that you are in leaves a impact on the way you feel and the way you think.

Now the thought that I want to put in your mind is that, just by being present for a few minutes or a few hours at specific places can leave an impact then just imagine how much impact are your daily surroundings, where you spend most of your time are leaving an impact on you.

Are they leaving an impact that are favorable for you or unfavorable for you? Have you ever thought about it?

Now when we say surroundings, we normally consider the environment or the atmosphere we are in. But, today lets have a deliberate look at what exactly surroundings include?

Our surroundings include everything,

  • From the wallpaper of your smart phone to the picture that is hanging on your wall.
  • From the most recently watched YouTube videos to the song that is playing on loop in your phone.
  • From the first thing that you see in the morning to the last thing that you see before going to bed.
  • From the alarm tune that you wake up to, to the ringtone that is going on in your head.
  • From the things that you keep inside your room, to the things that you keep inside your purse of wallet.
  • From the clothes that are stuffed in your cupboard to the way you design your bed.
  • From the food that is sitting on your dining table to the articles and things that are arranged on your working desk.
  • From the people that you surround yourself with to the people with whom you chat.
  • From the fragrance of your soap to the way your perfume smells.

Yes! Every music, every fragrance and every thing that you come in contact with leaves an impact on the way you think and the way you feel.

Now our brain are designed in a way to absorb and adapt to things that are easily available.

So, if you want to become healthy, the first thing that you need to do is, fill your dining table and kitchen with healthy food.

If you want to finish that book, you need to keep that book in your purse or on your working table.

If you wish to feel motivated and uplifted throughout the day, you need to start your day with something motivating.

It is your responsibility to tame your surroundings which are favorable for you and not unfavorable for you.
Now, I understand that 100% of our surroundings are not in our control. But, lets stop complaining about what’s not in our control and start taking responsibility for what is in our control and work on it.

When you work on things that are in your control, they will prepare you to face those things which are not in our control.

And one of the best things that I have heard with respect to our surroundings is that YOU are a combination of YOURSELF and your SURROUNDINGS. If you don’t take care of the latter part, you won’t be able to preserve yourself.

Thank you! 🙂

If you’re understand better by listening, here’s the video form of above blog!